RHEL5 init script for tomcat catalina

I have written an init script for Tomcat Catalina running in RHEL version 5. I have tested this script using Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5 Carthage. The script should comply to the init standards defined for RedHat Enterprise Linux using the INIT Functions lib. The script also alows the use of chkconfig eventhough you might want to […]

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Check_iostat.pl version 0.9.7

Previous version and detaild information https://sysengineers.wordpress.com/2010/02/05/check_iostat-for-nagios-version-0-9-5/ Application Goal: Check disk IO using a simple perl script and possibly the counters allready available in the linux /proc/ directory. The program must be able to run under Nagios and should return a ‘Nagios’ correct syntax to the prompt. This way the plugin should be usable for Linux […]

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