Compile PHP5.3.6 on OEL5.5 x64

All you need is apache installed, then download php 5.3.6. src and run the following configuration command. Next note the errors during configuration and install the required packages needed from the install media then rerun the command up till it finishes succesfully. When the configuration is done, run the “make all” command after which you […]

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SOAP to JSON using PHP

For anyone that wants to translate output from a SOAP webservice using WLSD to JSON… Here is an example script that shows you the basics 🙂 This is a working example. You need at least PHP 5.1 for this example to work! Goodluck , and happy scripting! 🙂

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Square or any Root programatically?

Ever wondered how to programatically get the root of any number programatically? A square root of any number in excel can be found using the function “=SQRT(#);” where # is the number you want to have the root from. When you test this with the number 3 (commonly used to calculate complex “real” power consumption […]

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