OEL 5.4 Released by Oracle

Oracle released a new version of Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) version 5.4. For all of you that dont know this distro. Its a fork from the Redhat Enterprise Linux server. Its full featured and free for download / usage. Curious? Just check it out. You can check the release notes here; Release notes And get […]

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NRPE – Check_memory script

this script is intended to “mime” the NSClient++ checkMem option on linux. Most check_mem scripts i have found where rather “minimal” so i ended up writing my own one. Feel free to test, use, alter, redis or what ever with it 🙂 Here is a new version. Improvements. – Var footprints reduced to a bare […]

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Tip : Free Nero alternative.

Recently I can accros a problem where uploading files to a VM machine using SCP (SSH) just wasnt possible… 😦 It was also the moment I found that I forgot to bring my ISO container containing the file, that would enable me to mount that image within VMware. Thank god i found that Nero GNU […]

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