NDO2DB startup script for RH (EL) / OEL

Below a script designed to use the RH . /etc/init.d/functions library. It will use 2 “find” commands to test if it can find the ndo2db binairy and config file. Next it will daemonize the ndo2db process following the Redhat standard init procedure. This script was written for Redhat enterprise linux using Nagios, Centreon (auto generation […]

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OEL 5.4 Released by Oracle

Oracle released a new version of Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) version 5.4. For all of you that dont know this distro. Its a fork from the Redhat Enterprise Linux server. Its full featured and free for download / usage. Curious? Just check it out. You can check the release notes here; Release notes And get […]

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