version 0.9.7

Previous version and detaild information Application Goal: Check disk IO using a simple perl script and possibly the counters allready available in the linux /proc/ directory. The program must be able to run under Nagios and should return a ‘Nagios’ correct syntax to the prompt. This way the plugin should be usable for Linux […]

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check_iostat / check_io for nagios Version 0.9.5

Oke here is the first working version of NEW Version available HERE Why this version? Well to my big surprise I was not able to find any satisfying check plugin for diskio that didnt need all kinds of additional software or undocumented perl plugins. What i really wanted was a simple check plugin […]

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NDO2DB startup script for RH (EL) / OEL

Below a script designed to use the RH . /etc/init.d/functions library. It will use 2 “find” commands to test if it can find the ndo2db binairy and config file. Next it will daemonize the ndo2db process following the Redhat standard init procedure. This script was written for Redhat enterprise linux using Nagios, Centreon (auto generation […]

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