Apache and SSL

Yesterday someone remarked: With Apache you cant implement multiple SSL certificates behind one and the same IP address. This remark is actually not quite correct. A good opportunity to explain the basics behind SSL and explain why SSL implementations on servers with multiple sites can be challenging. Understanding SSL. SSL is an acronym for ‘Secure […]

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Certificates, what to know…

Certificates is a tough and complex world to be in. Here are the main things to remember when renewing old certificates, or requesting new ones 🙂 CA – is a short for “Certificate Authority” and is usually a party that ‘Signs’ certificates on behalf of the requester. Because someone other then the party hosting a […]

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Templated mail for nagios / centreon.

This command enables you to dynamicly create a nice templated mail. Save code below into a file inside the /usr/local/nagios/libexec/mailbytpl.php On linux you can use the vi command to do so; i.e. $>vi /usr/local/nagios/libexec/mailbytpl.php Next you can configure the command into centreon as a ‘notification’ command that takes the following commands: –mail                                                         Should be set, […]

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