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Optimize Windows Server TCP/IP settings

When you are installing windows Server 2003 from the box, you should always realize that the TCP settings used might not be optimal for the network environment in which the server was installed. The default settings used by Windows are optimized by the windows OS and will ensure a stable and sure data flow, but in some cases these settings can be optimized using a series of registry settings.

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Oracle Business Process Management (BPM) Suite.

Did you know that AMIS Services BV now offers Oracle BPM consultancy services on the dutch market?

As one of the few Oracle Specialists in the Netherlands, AMIS Services will now also offer services based on Oracle BPM suite, and help organizations implement and utilize the full potential of Oracle BPM suite within any branch.

With a team of experts in Business Process Management and a company of know-how in the Oracle field of expertise, AMIS Services BV is “the” party to help you reach your business goals.

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