Cant wait…

After reading this benchmark:, I was wondering. isn’t it strange that their own benchmark is telling us they beat the good-old-nagios on all elements?

Do not get me wrong, I still believe that Centreon is a wonderful product. But i cant ignore the fact that the Nagios Core / Nagios XI are on the move as well.  And for some reason I get the feeling they are referring to history. Last time I was informed,  Nagios employed a team of developers as well in developing Nagios XI. And next to that, Nagios also enables OS programmers to commit code:

Please dear Centreon, don’t spoil your good name and stick to the facts. You have a great product, no need for bashing. Next to that, don’t use a translate without review in your benchmark documents.

Having that said, what happed to Icinga?

It seams that Icinga is well on their way as well seeing this sheet:

Anyway, any monitoring needs?

It seems a crossroad is nearing in which you are forced to pick a side and stick by it.

And yet somehow, I cant suppress a feeling of sadness about this development.
Goodbye years of scripting, hacking and rewriting happiness, Hello ‘next-next-finish’ world 😉

Any insights?
Please share them with us web reading it-guy folk  :=)


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