SPF2010 Explorer view, very poor performance?

Also installed Sharepoint Foundation 2010 in conjunction with your server 2008 server?

Also experiencing very slow performance with the explorer view, or the mapped networkdrive?

Then you might want to turn off “Automatically detect settings.” in the Lan Settings section of IE.


I was also experiencing ridiculous slow performance when opening a document lib in explorer view. At first I thought it was due to the zone settings, which are used by the Web Client, responsible for this connection. After fiddling around with the settings endlessly with no result. Reading the Microsoft (outdated) whitepapers for suggestions with no result, and finaly experimenting with web-folders and webdav -not needed for SharePoint explorer view- with no result… It was clearly time for a different approach.

I installed Wireshark to find out what was actually happening on the line, and this is what I found. After clicking the “view in explorer” link, the following happens on the line:

The yellow lines you see between the “actuall” traffic, are so called “WPAD” queries. WPAD stands for “Web Proxy Automatic Detection”. In the screen you can clearly see that the webclient is trying to auto detect the proxy settings prior to actually connecting. The time this action consumes is equal to the wait time, the user is experiencing.

After disabling this feature in the IE>Internet Options>Connections>Lan Settings>Automatically detect settings. Opening the document library is instant.

After I disabled this setting, the LAN behavior looked like this:

Some tips.

You dont need to install the IIS WebDav in order to use explorer view. SPF implements its own version of WebDAV for this functionality.
“Many people are under the misconception that SharePoint uses the WebDAV functionality provided by IIS 6.0. Actually, SharePoint provides its own WebDAV implementation using the Stsfilt.dll ISAPI filter that is installed with both Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server” (Understanding and troubleshooting Sharepoint Explorer view.doc, Steve Sheppard, 2006)

Explorer view is offered through the Web Client Service. Its useful to understand its dependencies (zones, proxy, and other settings)

(src:troubleshooting SharePoint explorer view.doc, annotations by myself)

Usefull sources:


Any other useful tips?
Please be generous and share them, just post a comment below!


3 thoughts on “SPF2010 Explorer view, very poor performance?

  1. Thanks! Explorer view had stopped working a year ago on the sharepoint site I’ve visited for 4 years. Now, no problem!!!!!!!!

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