Simple php function to filter out unwanted text char types.

Just wrote a little function that will remove all char types from a string or text (if thats in the string) that are not given in the chars list. In my example I only wanted alpha chars and spaces. It also converts all to lower caps.

It walks through the given string using a substr function to locate the char to be evaluated. If the char is found in the given allowed string using a strstr function it will add it to the return string, else it will simply discard it. Before evaluation it also converts the val to a lowercap.


function cleanstr($s, $c, $l=true){
                $v=substr($s, $i, 1);
                if(strstr($c, $v)){ $r .=$v;}
        return $r;

$string='abcdef $%%# Chris';
$chars=' abcdefhijklmnopqrstuvwxyz';
echo cleanstr($string, $chars);

Prints out…

php ./test.php
abcdef  chris

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