Exact globe 396 Runtime & automation errors, selecting “Reports and declaration”

Today we found that “E-Salary” might generate a “Runtime 0” error and an “Automation” error when running in a “dual screen” desktop, afterwhich the mainscreen will freeze.

When exact is opened on the secundair screen you might not be able to run any report / declaration from the right menu options. As an result the main screen will freeze-up and the only solution is restarting exact.

A quick fix is to run exact in the Windows main-screen only! You might be able to identify the main screen by selecting the screen properties, or (if you didnt move the start menu) use the screen that has “menu start” in it.

Good luck, and hopefully this bug will be fixed šŸ™‚


About Chris Gralike

Momenteel ben ik manager van de afdeling business continuity bij de zakelijke IT dienstverlener AMIS Services BV. Sinds 2003 ben ik actief in de ICT branche. Tussen 2003 en nu heb ik verschillende rollen vervuld. In de rollen: systeem- en netwerkbeheer, system engineer, servicemanager en nu practice manager ben ik in contact gekomen met uiteenlopende technologieƫn, methodologieƫn, ideeƫn, oplossingen en innovaties. Een rijke ervaring waarmee ik de klanten van Conclusion en AMIS elke dag probeer te ondersteunen. Mijn credo: 'Altijd opzoek een win-win tussen business en technologie.'

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  1. Hi Chris,

    I work at Exact and am responsible for the development of Exact e-Salaris. We will look into this problem and we will try to resolve this as soon as possible, In order for us to make a more rapid assesment of this problem could you please sent us the details of the systems which you have used. Any information that could help us to replicate this problem is welcome. Thank you for your cooperation.


    John Dijns
    Product Line Manager

  2. Hi John,

    I have send you a set of screenshots showing the problem.

    I Hope this will help you guys out.


  3. This was a solution for me, thank you Chris!

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