Square or any Root programatically?

Ever wondered how to programatically get the root of any number programatically?

A square root of any number in excel can be found using the function “=SQRT(#);” where # is the number you want to have the root from. When you test this with the number 3 (commonly used to calculate complex “real” power consumption of a three fase system) You should get this as an result.


Because a “square” root is the opposite of a square power from that number you can use the following to find the same root using that same power ^ sign.

Square Root = 3^(1/2) = SQRT(#) = 3^0.5

If you add this example in excel as a check value.


You will notice that the answer is also


Using the formula for complex power calculation in PHP will give you

$Cosphi = ($Cosphi > 1) ? "1" : $Cosphi;
$Phases = ($Phases < 2) ? "2" : $Phases;

$Pw = $U . $I . $Cosphi . ($Phases^(1/2));

Yea! Its that easy!! šŸ˜‰


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