Application for running custom init scripting in a saver way.

Hi All,

Just Wrote :

An application to start / stop multiple custom scripts during INIT in a specific order without the need to understand the full INIT.d process. Written by AMIS to enable DBAs to create basic tiny startup / stop scripts and run them using the chkconfig / services commands. through a very basic config file.

Application should create a basic abstraction between the init.d process and the to be executed configurable scripts. main goal is to prevent poor scripting from killing the init.d proces, and follow the system guidlines concerning init scripting as much as possible.

Please tell us what you think or what could be improved. naturally even we dont know it all. Suggestions, Bugs, Hints, Tips, Arguments, Alternatives? Please let us know ūüôā

Rename the “” file back to “” to access its content. We have tested this script on the following systems.

RHEL 5.3     Perl v5.8.8
RHEL 5.2     Perl v5.8.8
RHEL 5.1     perl v5.8.8
SLES 9.0      perl v5.8.8

Need to compile the “Config::IniFiles”¬† even though its shipped with the app as module? use > cpan -i Config::IniFiles.

-Rgrds, Chris


One thought on “Application for running custom init scripting in a saver way.

  1. Little bug in there that will prevent the script from loading the shipped libraries.

    In on rule : 25 add the following.

    #Add the shipped libs to the Perl @INC path.
    use lib “./lib”;

    in ./libs/ on rule 6 remove the following.
    use lib “./lib”;


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