Nagios – XI


yeah, i have luckily become a tester for the new Nagios XI (eXtended Interface) tool and I thought…. Lets devote a post to this new product!

Well first i was a bit surprised that the new product comes as a VM package meaning that you will download a virtual machine with all the required settings pre-configured for you. When reading various posts on the subject, its all support related, which brings me to the second point. Nope, Nagios XI will not be open source as in “free for download”, but it will be open source as in “your free to develop ontop of the original product”.

Yea i know this will raise allot of questions, but drilling down to the source of this ‘little evil’ it seems that developers need to be payed, so lets blame society for this and not the people developing and releasing the product.

What does it do?
Well the Nagios-Core (which is and stays free for download) monitors network nodes using check_commands that can be utilized by nagios to check for a wide range of network services like; Ping,Oracle,NTP,DHCP,CPU,MEM,DISKSpace.

Using the data the Nagios-Core collects there are a wide range of exsisting GUIs that can make this data visible in many different ways like; headsup-displays,performance-graphs,traffic-lights etc. And allows people to be notified using mail,sms,or other means.

Whats XI?
Well most of the GUIs had a mayor downside, it required a fair amount of know how to get it up and running. You needed to compile allot of tar-bals, install allot different RPMs and next you needed to make all these different things work together using some kind of a unified configuration that could reach 1M lines easily when you wanted all the fancy features.

Nagios-XI primarily makes the nagios tool and its GUI available for non-skilled users that dont have any affinity with linux. Its a VMware image that you can boot easily using a VMware player. Next thing you need to do is configure an IP (with extended manual) and open your explorer. The rest is done from there, pre-configured and working without a hassle.

Next to that the GUI is fully graphical including configuration wizards, custom dashboards (drag-drop style), custom views, custom almost everything. In short, Next, Next, Finish!

Im not sure seasoned engineers like myself would buy this product quickly, most of us would compile, configure, and download a GNU gui and work from there. But i do think there is a large market out there of engineers that dont have the required time, or linux know-how to get up and running. For these people i think Nagios XI will be a welcome alternative!



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