Installing Nvidia Quadro display drivers on Windows 7 Professional.

Oke, first off this I will not guarantee that this will not cause any problems in the future, or that this method will work for you!
As you might have noticed there are no supported Quadro drivers for windows 7 at this very moment, But do check the vendor site for any updates before attempting this work arround

When to apply
1. Setup halts with an error stating the opperating system isnt correct.

What to try first?
1. Try the Vista Drivers first, they usually install without any error messages. This is still no guarantee that the driver will function properly.

If your display isnt working afterward, do use the “Savemode” option (F8/boot options) to rollback the driver installation. Be sure to understand this before attempting the installation. Creating a restore point might also work out for you.

1. oke, download the drivers for your system (Mine where on the Dell site as expected 😉
2. Unpack the drivers to your disk (c:\dell\drivers\#####\, or c:\NVIDIA\)
3. Find the “Setup.exe” file
4. Rightclick it, and find the tab compatibility
5. Select “Windows Vista [distr.] SP3”
6. Select Apply > Ok.
7. Rightclick the setup.exe again (if the next option doesnt show, press hold the left shift key while right clicking)
8. Select “Run as administrator”
9. Follow the Installer, and reboot afterward as usual.

Any keynotes, other solutions, other sources? Please be so kind to share them 🙂

Good Luck and hope this helped 😉


One thought on “Installing Nvidia Quadro display drivers on Windows 7 Professional.

  1. Installing XP drivers using this method will make your system halt when performing the performance index scan.

    A “Page Segmentation Fault caused by vn4_mini.sys” means that you installed the XP driver instead of the Vista one 😉

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