manual : Installing Config::IniFiles

Installing Config::IniFiles, this is a requirement for using some of the Centreon included plugins. Well the “howto” on installing this is rather illusive. Well here is a “copy” paste manual for installing the perl ConfigIniFiles.

This manual assumes you have wget installed, else download the files manually using other means like windows and copying files using a scp client (putty?)

If you have wget, you should be able to copy paste the section below and end up with Config::IniFiles installed…

echo "Create an Installation directory for the module packages"
mkdir ~/installers/

echo “Go there”
cd ~/installers/

echo “Get the Modules needed to install the Config::IniFiles”

echo “Unpack both the packages”
tar -xf C*.tar.gz
tar -xf M*.tar.gz

echo “Build the buildscript”
cd M*
perl Build.PL
echo “Install the build module”
Build install
cd ..

echo “Build the IniFiles Buildscript”
cd C*
perl Build.PL
cd ..

echo “Cleanup our mess”
cd ~
rm -rf ./installers/
echo “Done…”

This should be it…

Hope this helps, rgrds…


2 thoughts on “manual : Installing Config::IniFiles

  1. Must admit I never ever heard of Cpan before, and finding any manual on the subject is an almost impossible task.

    Tested it on OEL5.x and it couldnt resolve the download locations.
    Tested it on another machine and it works like a beast.

    So with both one should always be able to get them installed 🙂

    Thanks for the input Alexandr 🙂

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